• Joiner Curriculum

    You need to be a Joiner for at least a year before you can become a regular member or a core member.

    You can be a Joiner for up to 3 years, after which you need to become a regular member or core member, or leave.

    The Joiner status is for those who think they might want to become a regular member or core member, but need time to test that they actually want to embrace the project, and for the core members to test that the Joiner is a good fit as a regular member or core member.

    Core members are carrying the deep vision of the project, and are highly dedicated.
    Regular members have a mutually beneficial relationship and participation with the project.

    Here's a list of what is expected of a Joiner before they can become a core member. If they do not meet these requirements, they might still be invited to be a regular member if they have a positive impact on the project.

  • Requirements/expectations for what to achieve during the "Joiner" period of 1-3 years:

    Watch the 2015 Oakland Tamera videos, ideally more than once, even before applying to be a Joiner.

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    Study some of the Tamera literature: Sacred Matrix and/or Terra Nova, as well as a couple of other books, such as Temple of Love, Tamera: A Model For The Future...
    Participate in a regular (weekly?) group study of something short, like a chapter of The Decision, or a "Ring of Power" meditation.

    Join the Tenowa Healing Biotope study group here: http://study.tenowa.org

    Follow Ring of Power meditations here: https://www.tamera.org/ring-of-power/

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    Study Possibility Management: read Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings and/or do the Expand the Box training. Possibility Management is not the core of the vision, but it has some overlap, and it's an extremely powerful tool set that will help us advance faster and more efficiently.

    Expand the Box trainings in the US: http://nextculture-us.com/

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    Attend a New Culture camp in the US to get a real life taste of some of the new culture values.

    Network for New Culture: https://www.nfnc.org/

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    Participate in Star Community, including regular attendance to Forum.

  • Show up!
    Adopt the 3 practices of transparency, mutual support, and responsible participation.
    Choose transparency in the domain of sex, power, money, instead of working around these issues with tools, agreements, and rules.
    Commit to giving feedback and accepting feedback.
    Take responsibility for what you love. (Possibility Management will help give context regarding responsibility)

    Power structure

    core member > member > joiner > tenant.
    Everyone has a voice and all voices matter. But ultimately that's the order of decision making power when consensus fails (consensus in spirit).

  • Current Joiners

     Photo credit: Leonardo Flaiban via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

    Florian Becquereau


    Joined December 2016

    I realized in 2015 that my vision of "global happiness and sustainability" was actually being implemented by Tamera's Healing Biotope plan, except that Tamera had much more wisdom and experience than me. Since then, I've been studying Tamera's vision, and since 2016, I've decided to dedicate myself to the creation of Tenowa, a Healing Biotope in Washington state. I started a community house, part of Star Community in Seattle, trying to fill the house with people who want to build Tenowa with me.

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    Person #2

    Joined February 2020

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    Person #3

    Joined March 2020

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    Person #4

    Joined March 2020